The Adoption Option


Book Description

Have you been wondering if adoption is right for you?

Have you had the urge to start a family, but don’t know where to start? You know adoption is the best route to take, but are unsure of how the process works. The mystique and stigma around adoption are keeping you stuck in a loop of indecision. While you may have arrived here from a desire to start or expand a family, fertility challenges, wanting to help children in need, or other reasons, you know in your heart that you should consider adoption as an option.

After realizing her interest in adoption, psychotherapist and writer Holly Lynch delved into the world of research and self-inquiry, which led her to adopt two children. Now, she offers a way to unpack the many ways one can be called to adoption, creating an adoption guide to help anyone in doubt.

In The Adoption Option: Decide If Adoption Is Right for You, you will learn how to:

  • Consider if you can love an adopted child as your own
  • Determine if you are ready to begin the adoption process
  • Replace being scared about adoption with knowledge and certainty
  • Put a stop to the endless web searching for the answers already inside of you
  • Quantify the sweat equity you possess related to the unknown in being an adoptive parent

You already know the answer. Now, establish a practice of self-awareness to leverage the courage to move forward in the adoption process.

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