Taking Back My Health and Happiness

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Book Description

Discover the source of your chronic pain, fatigue, and invisible illness.

Do you feel helpless and lost because no one can explain what is going on with you and your body? Are your pain, fatigue and invisible illness affecting your work and personal and social life? Are they ruining your relationships and holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest ? Are you feeling like something is stopping you from living the life that you want?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. As a nurse for over ten years, energy and spiritual intuitive healer Marie Anne June Tagorda has seen the effects illness has on people and their loved ones. She herself has had her share of chronic pain and invisible illness, and in Taking Back My Health and Happiness, she shares her process for achieving self-healing and happiness.

In Taking Back My Health and Happiness, you’ll learn:

  • The source and meaning of your chronic pain and illness
  • How to deal with your condition in order to live happy and be free to enjoy your life
  • How to effectively communicate with loved ones to include them in your care and not be burdened by it
  • The obstacles blocking your healing (and how to overcome them!)
  • Tips for healing your body while healing your relationships

Your illness does not define you. Start the process to becoming happy, healthy, and free to enjoy your life!

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