Surviving 30

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Book Description

We have a lot of bad jokes and cultural angst about turning 30…but did you know there’s truth underneath all of that? Ask anyone you know over the age of 33 (who will be honest with you) and you’ll discover that they went through a major identity reorganization, if not a complete life crisis, between 28 and 32. What they probably didn’t know (and you probably didn’t know, if you’ve been through it yourself) is that there is a reason why.
With humor, compassion, and “I’ve been there” empathy, Karen Hawkwood takes readers through the underlying lessons we encounter in this passage. The astrological cycle known as the Saturn Return takes us into a lifelong wound, one which we’ve been covering up and refusing to look at, our entire lives. When we hit about 28, that cover-up stops working, and this can be anywhere from uncomfortable to devastating.
The end result, however, is freedom from a false set of expectations that would never have allowed us to truly be ourselves.
Using the parable of “the eagle and the chickens”, Hawkwood gently explains the way in which we effectively convince ourselves we are something we’re not, and how damaging that is. The Saturn Return strips away those familiar beliefs, sometimes dramatically, and challenges us to answer the question we thought we had settled: “Who am I really?” Discovering the truth is painful before it becomes freeing, and understanding how this unfolds can make it considerably easier to “Survive 30”!
Hawkwood outlines the core transformative process taking place, as well as several specific strategies and techniques that can support you as you navigate the ups and downs.
There is also a table where you can look up your birthday and determine the sign of the zodiac in which Saturn falls for you. While your full astrological picture is virtually unique, this one factor is highly relevant in the particular theme of your lifelong struggle, and there is a chapter for each sign that can help give you insight on your challenges and where the “hidden gold” lies for you.
Even if you are past your first Saturn Return (it occurs again between 57 and 60) the issues described will still be alive and kicking in your life, so let Hawkwood’s insight help you develop a better awareness of your challenges and how you can meet them in a new and more conscious way!

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