Sugar Happy

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“This is a wonderful new diabetes guide written by the editor/publisher of the highly- regarded Diabetes Health periodical. It is an easy-to-read paperback, especially for those recently diagnosed or those who wish to improve their current diabetes management. It benefits from the author’s substantial experience with diabetes in her family. The comprehensive approach offers many tools to help – both devices and personal tips, plus moral support.
Gary Arsham MD PhD FACP

This book gives the reader a personal perspective on not only living with diabetes but also caring for someone with this disease. It is presented in a simple, easy to understand format yet also presents the emotional issues that both families and those with diabetes deal with on a daily basis. Kudos to Nadia for providing this meaningful information that is useful to both professionals and nonprofessionals alike.
Dr. Kathleen Palyo DNP BC-ADM

A thought-provoking, yet interesting question: can managing your blood sugar be as simple as what you don’t know? I think so.
As a daughter, sister and wife of family members living with type 2 and type 1 diabetes, I want to share with you what I have learned not only as a family member living with diabetes, but as a columnist diabetes radio host, podcast interviewer, video producer, former diabetes supply store owner, healthcare professional educator and author.

Information is power! Making informed medical decisions can save your life by delaying or preventing diabetes complications. I call this being “diabetes literate”.

As an author and AskNadia columnist (ranked #1 by Google), named “Best Diabetes Blog for 2017 & 2019 by Healthline, my passion lies in being a diabetes advocate and teaching you how to advocate for yourself. My publication Diabetes Health magazine was named one of the top 10 magazines in the world to follow by Feedspot Blog Reader because I care about people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

I was not only born into a type 2 diabetes family but also married a type 1. I was propelled at a young age into “caretaker mode,” and with my knowledge of the scarcity of resources, support, and understanding for people with diabetes, co-founded Diabetes Interview, now Diabetes Health magazine.

Sugar Happy-Your Diabetes Health Guide in Achieving Your Best Blood Sugars and Letting Go of Your Diabetes Complication Fears will help you understand:

• Why diabetes is overwhelming. You are not alone.
• How to cope with diabetes burnout.
• How to bring down a blood sugar when your glucose meter reads 200 mg/dl or 4.4 mmol/L.
• Why you can wake up with a high or low blood sugar.
• Why exercise raises blood sugars.
• Type 2- going on insulin does not make you a failure.
• How to avoid or delay diabetes complications.
• Which diet is best for you.
• The important role of medical devices.
• The discouraging cost of diabetes and how it can lead to denial and the worst possible outcomes. • Financial help with your diabetes supplies and how to apply for them.

This book is birthed out of my knowledge, experience and one-on-one interactions with people living with diabetes. I think you will appreciate their personal stories in addition to the medical information it provides. Without a doubt, Sugar Happy can be used as a guide to help you prevent or delay diabetes complications.

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