Stop The Pain

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Book Description

Something has to change with this neck and back pain!

You desperately want to fix your neck and back pain because none of the therapies you’ve tried have worked. If you’ve been told that you’ll just have to “live with it” or if don’t like the usual answers for chronic pain, there’s something you can do about it. Veteran massage therapist Vienna Schmidt has worked with hundreds of people with chronic pain, empowering her clients to take their healing into their own hands.

In Stop the Pain, Vienna shares her tried-and-true pain-relieving techniques in an easy-to-follow guide where you can discover:

  • What causes tension, stabbing or burning pain, and knots in your neck and back
  • Strategies that work to relieve pain (and save the money you’ve been spending on therapies that didn’t work or didn’t last)
  • A way to get back to feeling great and sleeping without pain
  • How your brain comes back when the constant pain messages stop
  • How great it is to have the power to get yourself out of pain

You are the most qualified person to fix the pain and tension you’re feeling! If you are ready to say hello to comfort, read Stop the Pain, and get started today.

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