Stack It Up!


Book Description

Stack It Up! Stop Losing Talent; Build the Next Level Together speaks to leaders who are facing arguably the most expensive challenge in business today: retaining top talent. Turnover is a key concern for both CEOs and Chief Human Capital Officers. When talented staff leave, not only do intellectual capital, customer relationships, and experience walk out the door; but that turnover causes a huge financial drain on organizations. Put simply, retention is a bottom line issue.

Stack It Up! is for leaders who want to know how to fix the talent turnover drain. In a straight-forward, conversational style, Janeen M. Latini addresses the five key areas of focus that every CEO must examine to increase his/her organization’s retention.

Stack it Up! is for the leaders who know it will be so much better when the bleeding stops, the retention rate rises, staffing stabilizes, and the business can grow. You are correct. It WILL be better then. “Then”, however, starts now. “Better” starts now.

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