Solve Your Sleep For Better Health

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Book Description

Are you struggling from sleep apnea, poor job performance, and burn-out?

You have sleep apnea, or snore too loud, or maybe you just don’t sleep well anymore. Your sleeping issues have you perpetually exhausted, and it’s affecting your day-to-day life in a harmful way.

Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling, integrative dentist and American Dental Association national spokeswoman on integrative dental health and CAM, explores sleep solutions for people who want to live a fuller life. In Solve Your Sleep for Better Health, Amy lays out easy-to-follow steps to address your sleep problems and lifestyle concerns while helping you to:

  • Identify the connections between overall health, oral symptoms, and poor sleep
  • Understand if you are likely suffering from sleep apnea (versus poor sleep from allergies)
  • Become educated about the herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements available over the counter for increasing energy and promoting good quality sleep
  • Make lifestyle and dietary choices which support better sleep
  • Explore how to obtain a diagnosis at a reasonable cost and why you should get sleep tested
  • Become aware of various sleep devices available on the market – from cheap to expensive – and learn which are most effective

All the tools you need to sleep better and feel better are just a page away.

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