Soaring High


Book Description

Help your teen athlete get that extra edge and reach his or her full potential!

Have you been wondering how you can help your daughter get that extra edge and stay in the running for that gymnastics scholarship? Are you worried that the investment in your son’s football dream might not pay off after all? Do you see obstacles on your teen’s path that you know he or she cannot overcome with just physical training and practice? Are you anxious about the pressure on your teen in the highly competitive athletic environment? If any of these common concerns apply to you, this book is for you. It will introduce you to a widely ignored key to help your teen athlete develop resiliency and reach his or her full potential, and how to best position your child for success. As a former athlete, coach and elite sports business professional as well as practicing life coach and mentor, the author Dr. Birgit Zepf offers her wealth of experience and insight into pivotal factors affecting your teen’s athletic future and advice for your role as the parent. In this book you will learn

-the critical steps for your teen to develop the confidence and stamina that will get the attention of coaches and scouts
-how your teen can overcome performance anxiety, insecurities and other obstacles and reach his or her full potential
-the tools for your teen stand out and get noticed above the competition
-why developing resiliency to opposition from ‘haters’ will give your teen a crucial advantage in the hunt for that scholarship
-how the obstacles you see on your teen’s path can be turned into stepping stones for success
-the path to maximize the return on your investment in your teen’s athletic future

If you truly want to give your teen the best shot at flourishing, both in sports and in life, read this book.

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