So You Want to Be a Healer

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Book Description


This book is a call to action for all healers and sensitive souls wanting to develop their intuition to improve every area of their lives. Whether you proclaim yourself a budding intuitive or are just starting out of your healing journey, this book is for you and will reveal to you the next steps on your healing or intuitive path.

In this book, you will discover:

-Why you feel everything so intensely and how that is a gift for you and others
-That you do not have to be a “born” healer or intuitive to share your gifts with the world
-How to enhance your already present intuition to help you with healing work and every other aspect of your life
-A step by step process that will give you confidence to think, act, and become a healer or intuitive whether for personal or business reasons; and
-What to expect from living the life of a healer or intuitive both personally or professionally

This book carries within it the inspiration and motivation found in The Blind Side and The Dead Poets’ Society. In this book, Elaine Prestigiacomo draws upon her unique personal experience allowing herself to emerge as an intuitive and healer and lights the way for you to do the same. Her perfect combination of sage advice, necessary lightheartedness, and client success stories makes this book a must read and true illumination for anyone wooing the path of intuition and healing.

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