So You Just Found out You’re a Healer

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Book Description

Uncover the truest meaning of your life as a healer.

Do you sense deep inside that you have a purpose here on earth to do something bigger than yourself, but can’t figure out exactly how? If you feel ready, now is the time to take that next step to make the difference you know you were born to make!

Learn how you can discover and develop your unique gifts as a healer and coach, create a lasting movement in the world, and be financially self-sufficient. In So You Just Found Out You’re a Healer, author and master healer Marlo Andersen teaches you how to:

  • Find what you were uniquely born here to do to help others
  • Increase your psychic gifts and your maturity as a healer
  • See why you have been struggling to fulfill your true purpose
  • Use the number one key to standing out that all the best healers use
  • Make a lasting and flourishing career doing what you do best
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes new healers and coaches make

If you’re ready to uncover your special superpowers and find your greatest purpose as a healer, So You Just Found Out You’re a Healer will help you unlock your gifts!

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