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Hey Smartypants!

Did you know one of the biggest challenges women entrepreneurs face in today’s increasingly crowded digital landscape is how to be distinctive, memorable, and stand out from the crowd?

Building on the concepts of Seth Godin, the iconic teachings of Tom Peters, as well as her own experiences as an entrepreneur, Danielle M. Miller guides creative and smart women in applying big brand concepts to their businesses. Having honed her brand methodology by working with women solopreneurs and entrepreneurs over the last seven years, she shares what it truly means to ‘brand’ yourself in today’s digital age.

Learn how to align your core values, tap into your Leading Archetype, talk to your Right People without losing your essence, and own the voice and vibe that is distinctly you.

Isn’t it time to go beyond taglines and logos to discover the crucial building blocks in crafting a brand that represents who you are and how you show up?

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