Small Town Divorce

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Book Description

Have you experienced a dramatic, life-changing divorce while living in a small town?

If you feel like your divorce put you through the ringer and hung you out to dry, then you are about to embark on a process that will have you strutting your stuff with confidence and holding your head high. A life-changing divorce involving gossip, judgement, adversaries, and extreme uncertainty can leave anyone feeling judged, ostracized, scared, and alone. But now, you will be able to rise above the throes of small town drama.

Denise Anderson walked through those same trenches after experiencing her own dramatic small town divorce. She has coached and mentored dozens of others who have experienced similar drama, taking them from surviving to thriving!

In Small Town Divorce, you will learn how to: :

  • Tackle adversaries, gossip, and more (without going to jail)
  • Grow your skills when it comes to riding the emotional rollercoaster (without harming anyone in the process)
  • Face your greatest fears (without crapping your pants)
  • Develop your ability to have any conversation (may include a few f-bombs)
  • Axe the thoughts making you question your ability to be a good parent, a good person, or good enough (news flash: you’re not going to hell; you’re doing just fine)

If your small town drama makes Hollywood look like a walk in the park, and you are ready to feel confident, capable, and competent, then now is the time to take action.

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