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Book Description

Did you know that your next donation could turn your dreams into reality?

There are several good reasons to donate to a cause. However, very few people have been able to leverage the hidden business potentials in a donation. Understanding how to make your donation impact your cause, your business, and your life will help you create the next big steps and gain the competition and recognition you need to stand out.

Over the past seven years, Francis Mbunya has helped donors identify and leverage the potentials hidden in their donations in order to create massive value for themselves and their businesses.
In Skyrocket Your Business at Zero Cost, Francis uses simple and straightforward steps to explain how to:

  • Pick your interest in the cause you donate to
  • Pitch your interest in a donation
  • Enable your donation to give back to you and to your business
  • Duplicate the impact of a donation in order to better benefit your business

Don’t waste another moment of investing your money and effort in the wrong direction. Find out how to create a gateway to the change you want to make!

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