Melissa Nations

Book Description

Skinny pulls back the curtains on a teenage girl’s secret life, giving the reader a naked picture of what eating disorders, self-harm (cutting), depression, and all around self-destruction look like. It is a compassionate, vulnerable, and transparent account of one girl’s struggle with her body and weight, and the surprising way she finally got the body she yearned for and ditched the eating disorder and self-mutilation that had controlled her for years.

After a decade of trying everything: fad diets, diet pills, overexercising, throwing up, starving… the author found herself at a crossroads. Still unhappy with her body and feeling like nothing worked, she had a realization that changed things forever. After that, it was almost like magic. She went from a puffy, slightly overweight, and self-loathing bulimic to having the confidence other girls envy and the kind of body that makes people think she’s a model.

One major theme of the book is that it is okay to want to be skinny. Even after crushing her eating disorder, the author still wanted to be thin… but wasn’t. Everyone told her to love her body just as it was. But she didn’t, not as it was in that moment. That’s a typical experience for anyone recovering from an eating disorder.

Getting rid of the eating disorder was not what got the author her ideal body. There was something else, a simple but transformational shift that the author invites readers to try for themselves. Those who do will find that skinny is not as far away (or as impossible) as they might have thought.

Even if you’ve hated their body for years, and tried a million things that didn’t work, this solution can work for you. It can work for anyone.

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