Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition


Book Description

Have you ever made a brilliant decision based on a gut feeling, without having access to all the necessary information? Could that be just luck? Is it wise to listen to your intuition, since the science behind it is still lacking?

Alina Bas, a left-brainer and a trained intuitive, guides skeptics through scientific and anecdotal evidence of intuition, separating useful practices from illusions. She takes a down-to-earth approach to exploring the nature of intuition, without resorting to the supernatural. In this book, you will find logical and enlightening ideas:

· Why you should care about intuition, whether or not you are a believer in psychic ability

· What Uri Geller, Wolf Messing, and Sylvia Brown really have to do with intuition

· Why it has been difficult to reliably study intuition , and how scientific research is now catching up

· Reasons why intuitives are often wrong, and how that can be changed

· Ways to tell when your gut feeling is right

· How left-brainers and skeptical inquirers can use intuition to make their lives safer, happier, and more interesting without fundamentally changing their belief system

Alina takes the veil of mystery off intuition, helping skeptics make the most of their hunches without crossing the line into woo-woo.

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