Signs of a Happy Baby

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Book Description

“An inspirational and helpful resource for parents to help them learn how to foster early communication with their children through baby sign language” (Sabrina Freidenfelds, MPH, IBCLC, founder of Then Comes Baby).

What does your baby want to say? You can find out even before your baby can verbally speak by using baby sign language. Signs of a Happy Baby gives parents everything they need to start signing with their baby, including a comprehensive dictionary with easy-to-follow photos of fun and practical American Sign Language (ASL) signs, and tips for integrating sign language into their everyday activities. Start signing with your baby now. What your baby has to say will blow you away!

“Places everything you need to know about signing with your baby neatly in one place.” —Leah Busque, executive chairwoman and founder, TaskRabbit

“Brimming with tips and tools for getting started with baby sign language, Signs of a Happy Baby is a practical resource for any parent who wants to know what’s going on in their baby’s mind.” —Mora Oommen, executive director, Blossom Birth Services

“A smart guide that’s not only fun, but filled with research showing how baby sign language helps build your child’s language and cognitive skills, allowing your child’s thoughts and feelings to be expressed, long before verbal communication is possible. This book is a must for anyone who has or is working with a little one.” —Sheila Dukas-Janakos, MPH, IBCLC, owner of Healthy Horizons Peninsula Breastfeeding Center

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