Should I Leave My Relationship Or Not?


Book Description

It’s time to figure out if it’s time to leave your relationship.

Do you struggle with deciding whether you should stay or leave your relationship? You’ve read 5 Love Languages, but you’re still not sure if this relationship can last. Things could be so much worse and there are some valid reasons for staying. There’s no abuse and you’re with a good person. You wonder if you should accept this as an okay relationship.

Constantly wondering and not knowing feels terrible. What you want is a clear path forward. You need tools to figure out what exactly is the right move for you, and not just a pro/con list (which is a terrible way to decide). Life coach Karen Lin shares her blueprint for a simple and kind path forward.

In Should I Leave My Relationship or Not?, you will learn how to:

  • Make a decision free from guilt or fear
  • Stop torturing yourself with doubt and uncertainty
  • Evaluate if you will ever get what you need from the relationship
  • Handle the emotional burden of figuring out what to do
  • Create the conditions to be confident in the outcome

It’s time to decide. Read Should I Leave My Relationship or Not? and discover what the right next step is for you.

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