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Book Description

Your child was born to be an amazing gift to the world!

SHINE is the handbook for any mom who wants to see her daughter grow into the best version of herself. When trying to be Supermom has left your wheels spinning, this book will show you how to lead your daughter into a life of great love, great service, and great purpose. You will:

  • Connect with your daughter on a deeper level
  • Show her how to unlock her hidden potential and gifts
  • Role model good character, work ethic, and the Golden Rule
  • Identify and align her circle of influence
  • Reflect intentional gratitude
  • Help her own her worthiness

As a mother of four children, Neisha knows the joys, struggles, and hopes you have for your daughter. Through her thirty-year career of coaching children in the classroom, Neisha has the proven tools to share with you for helping your kids navigate life and stay focused.

This Jen Hatmaker-meets-Jack Canfield approach is perfect for the mom with no time to lounge around reading books in the sun. SHINE can be read and applied in bite-sized chunks. With Neisha, you are not alone. Your child’s LIGHT WILL SHINE!

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