Sex, Lies & Creativity


Book Description

Sex, Lies & Creativity debunks the lies we tell ourselves and others about creativity. Using a scientific and researched approach, the book crystallizes the innate differences between men and women and what impact the gender variations might have on how we create, alone and in groups. Neurological, biological and developmental differences give each gender opportunities to shine, advance and create. Roberts writes to help each gender build empathy and accommodation for their own and the other’s differences, and see them as unique offerings to the creative process and the end-products. The book’s conversational tone and interactive charts and questions open a dialogue on this controversial topic.

Vive la Difference!

For the first time, Roberts has taken the new research in brain function made possible by the fMRI machines (functioning magnetic resonating image) and published in Louanne Brizendine’s The Female Brain, and The Male Brain and overlapped it with her own expertise in the science behind creativity and new insights about creativity in the workplace researched and presented in The Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer.

ADVANCE PRAISE FOR Sex, Lies & Creativity by Julia Roberts

Beautifully articulated, concisely written and spans light-years of information. From neuroscience to hormones, conformity to menstruation, Ms. Roberts creatively unpacks sex, lies, and creativity with wit and intellectual discourse. A thoroughly researched and well-founded exploration into some of the most relevant issues of our time.

She not only gives us the foundational knowledge, but asks those big questions that challenge and debunk our perceptions and barriers to our own creativity. A great read that will educate, challenge, and evolve the readers toward a more creative life for all.
– David Eyman
Innovation Consultant and President of Eyman Creative,

Stimulating and thought provoking. Roberts articulates through the lens of an expert in the scientific study of creativity a compelling argument for understanding the impact of gender myths and misperceptions on women’s ability to create. Well-grounded in current research with an insightful, easy to read format that provides guidance for women looking to find their authentic self and creates dialog regarding the way women (and men) express their individual creativity.
– Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers
Associate Professor, International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State

In her new book on creativity, Julia Roberts illuminates why diversity is a critical component for innovation and creative problem solving. Using robust research, Roberts reveals the differences women and men bring to the table both from a brain science view and from an in-depth study of how the phases of life contribute to differences in our ability (and desire) to create and innovate. The good news: We can all increase our creative abilities. Sex, Lies & Creativity reads like a Ted Talk: rich with information, ideas and inspiration.
– MG Finch
President, MG Finch Facilitation, @

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