Secret Bad Girl

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Book Description

Secret Bad Girl is a deeply healing memoir and trauma resolution guide for women who’ve suffered secret rapes or sexual abuse – and want both stories and instructions for being set free.

Rachael Maddox bravely shares her own story of statutory rape and recovery, inviting readers into the possibility that their current sex issues, fears, stunted confidence or self-worth troubles, private addictions, private depressions, or impossible-seeming dreams, could in fact be resulting from unresolved sexual trauma.

There’s a myth that so many women bear the burden of in today’s world. The myth is that we’re bad for the violations that happen to us, as well as the mess of the aftermath of those abuses.

Secret Bad Girl not only dispels this myth, but illuminates exactly how you can transcend it, embodying the aliveness, resilience, and vitality available to you.

Secret Bad Girl reads like works by Eve Ensler mixed with Peter Levine and a dash of Andrea Gibson. Stories. Science. Poetry. Most people never resolve their trauma because fear of entering into the territory of violation is so abrasive that they freeze.

Rachael Maddox understands this fear and meets her readers in a place of compassion and grace, creating safe space for sacred healing.

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