Runs in the Family

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Book Description

Do you love your child but don’t understand why they do what they do? Are you trying to ‘get it right’ with your children and blaming yourself for making the ‘wrong’ decisions? Are you overwhelmed by trying to cope with your child’s moods – and your own? If you know you’re smart but you can’t seem to figure this stuff out, then this is the book for you.

In Runs in the Family, longtime teacher, childhood behavioural consultant and Julian Campbell Foundation founder Jacqueline Campbell helps you develop strategies for success with a new found freedom and ease, bringing more peace, harmony, love, and understanding to your relationship with your kids. You will:

  • Understand that your child was not born with a manual
  • See that trying to be perfect is sabotaging your relationship with your child
  • See that forcing an outcome is draining your energy
  • Learn how to manage your own moods and show your child how to manage theirs
  • Focus on highly effective new thoughts and habit that make a real and lasting difference to your family

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