Roots Of Forgiveness

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Book Description

Facing the challenges of betrayal in a marriage can be quite difficult, therefore, Christine Elizabeth Leon has created an eight-step process on how to overcome these challenges.

When betrayal happens in a marriage, many couples face the decision to leave or divorce their spouse. However, it is possible to resolve a relationship after betrayal and to nurture a healthy relationship. In Roots of Forgiveness, Christine Elizabeth Leon provides an eight-step process to repair one’s marriage and ignite healing in their relationship. She created these steps by learning from her own personal journey, background in psychology, and life-coaching practice. Within Roots of Forgiveness, readers learn:

  • How to handle the powerful urge for revenge
  • How one’s marriage will never be the same…and why that’s a very good thing
  • How to lovingly self-empower to decide whether to stay or go
  • How to manage the breakdown moments

Roots of Forgiveness is for those who are ready to begin healing their heart and can envision their heart healing in their marriage after betrayal.


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