Resistant to Reading

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Book Description

Does your elementary-age child’s teacher say your child has to read more to improve fluency, but getting them to do so is a battle every time? Are you sick of tears after school day after day and long for less chaotic late afternoons?

This book is for parents who are tired of having to beg, plead, and fight with their kids to get them to read. In it, author and book coach Esther Goldenberg, teaches you:

What kids love to read and how to get them to read it.
How to turn afternoon reading fights into afternoon reading fun.
How to boost your child’s confidence in his reading and get him to read more.
What to do when a child is resisting reading, or complaining that it’s hard or boring.
The secret to finally convincing your child that reading can be something they enjoy.

If you want your child to read for pleasure without fuss or fight, they need to see that it can be fun and rewarding. Get this book now and learn how to turn your reluctant reader into a pleasure reader today.

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