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Book Description

Are you frustrated with life and tired of the same old grind? I was too. Having spent close to 30 years in Human Resources, you would think I had it all figured out…especially when it comes to work. I was after all, managing a department where employees and leaders go to for help when they are struggling at work. But like John Maxwell once said. “You cannot give what you do not have.” And I certainly did not have what it took to help others get out of the stuck they were in, whatever form of stuck that might have been.

Like you, I felt like a hamster spinning on a wheel that went nowhere. And just when I thought all was lost, I found the answer that not only liberated my mind, it liberated my life. If you are tired of the results you have been getting, this book is for you. It is like The Pursuit of Happiness meets The Matrix.
In this book, you will learn:

•What “stuck” really looks like.
•How to identify and get rid of obstacles that could be blocking your success.
•The 4 easy-to-follow steps to change.
•The necessary prep-work required to ensure success.
•How to apply the lessons learned to any changes you want to make in your life.

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