Rein in Your Rascal


Book Description

End power struggles with your child. Stop repeating yourself a thousand times.

You’ve tried “time outs,” taking away toys, yelling or even threats. But it continues to be a struggle. You think, “Parenting wasn’t supposed to be this hard.” Would you like things to change?

  • Toys put away the first time you ask.
  • Bath time comes off without a hitch.
  • No morning hassles.
  • Siblings stop bickering.
  • Meals are peaceful.

As a parent coach for over 25 years, I’ve helped thousands of parents eliminate the daily power struggles that drain you.

“Janada is a true parenting coach. Within a few weeks, our house has started to right itself because of the strategies she teaches. She taught us what to do and how to do it. Just a month ago, we had at least two hours of whining before any simple task could get finished. Now it’s done quickly without a power struggle. Janada can make a difference if your home feels out of control. The tools she teaches can right the ship.” ~ Jennifer K.

Learn easy-to-use strategies applied to everyday moments to:

  • Calm yourself and your child
  • Stop meltdowns
  • Sooth Sibling Rivalry
  • Prevent Bedroom Time Bedlam
  • Eliminate Technology Tyrants
  • Teach good decision making skills

Other parenting books offer theories. Theories are hard to remember and often abstract. Don’t look any further. You’ve found the solution that offers simple, concrete strategies that you can remember, apply and enjoy the result. Time to end power struggles!

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