Refuse Diabetes


Book Description

9 Steps to Holistic Healing for Type II and Pre-Diabetes

Are you scared, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated with how you are being told to treat your type II and pre-diabetes? Do you dread the medical complications associated with this awful disease? What if you could reverse this disease with a holistic healing approach?
Teri Dale has helped clients for years with their type 2 and pre-diabetes. With her 9 step WISEWOMAN process, you can improve your health and feel confident and energized in a very short period of time.

  • Enjoy carbs and understand why a Ketogenic diet is not the best option long term.
  • Eliminate most or all diabetic symptoms.
  • Learn how your hormones are affecting your diabetes.
  • Live each day with vibrant energy and increased well-being.
  • Understand the best and worst foods for reversing diabetes.

If you are ready to Refuse Diabetes and take action, then this book is for you. In only ten short weeks, you can regain your health, reverse your symptoms, and be on your way to a new way of living.

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