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You’re a Good Person, but the world of labeling ‘Privilege’ has you Questioning Yourself

reDEFINE is your way out of your pain and confusion. The truth is, most of us bought into a lie and strayed away from who we truly are and the negative messages are still coming at us. We trusted others to show us the way and we ended up messed up – full of fear, believing in little and constantly doubting ourselves and there are still those today are who would have us stay in self-doubt. In this book, author Robb Braun, Unreasonable, is going to flip the script on you. He’s going to help you find your place and your voice. He’s going wake you up to the truth about you – a truth he believes you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear and believe!

In reDEFINE, Robb will share with you:
· Why most all people are afraid of life – you’ll discover it’s not your fault.
· How to identify the ‘BS’ beliefs of yesterday and today and replace them with the truth.
· A process for blowing those beliefs up for good.
· How to leave behind the pain or shame of your past and breathe fresh air.
· How to discover your rightful place in the world.

If you’re done feeling pain and shame, if you’re exhausted from being afraid and uncertain all the time, if you’re finally ready to get yourself together and discover you’re completely awesome and much to offer the world, today is a great day to start reading reDEFINE.

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