Reclaiming the Future

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Book Description

You were born to lead the local food revolution!
If you want the local food movement to grow exponentially in your community, you must take your place on the front lines. You know that localizing the food supply is an urgent priority, but it seems that no one else is speaking or acting this way. To ignite a new level of impact, effectiveness, and scale, you need to master the seven revolutionary steps of building a regional foodshed—but you can’t make it happen. This book is for people who are serious about local food systems. In it, author Michael Brownlee, the foodshed catalyst, teaches you:

  • The truth about the devastating impacts of the industrial food system
  • Why the local food movement has been failing
  • The reason you are called to this work, and why you have been resisting
  • How food localization can bring healing, restoration, and regeneration to your community
  • How regional foodsheds will become our society’s lifeboats to a regenerative future
  • How collaboration and cooperation are the keys to the local food revolution

This book is as incendiary as Thomas Paine’s famous Common Sense pamphlet was in 1776, and holds the keys to the future of our democracy!

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