Receive, So You May Give

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Book Description

Healing the Distress of Nurses

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your nursing career with no relief in sight, there’s hope. Your peace and well-being can be restored. Joyce Morrissette, RN, took her own journey from stress to serenity, and now advocates for nurses in every phase of their careers. From pausing, reflecting, and resting to step-by-step tools to protect yourself from toxic stress and prevent burn-out, you can learn to nurture and heal yourself so that you are, in turn, rejuvenated and present to help others.

In Receive, So You May Give: A Self-Care Path for Nurses, Morrissette invites caregivers to compassionately question beliefs, habits, and routines and become authors of their own lives. With a goal of easeful balance in mind, this guide shares useful tools, ideas, and actions that build and maintain health and resiliency.

You will learn:

  • Self-care practices you can easily incorporate into your daily routines
  • How to nurture others without abandoning yourself in the process
  • Specific steps to bring your life back into balance
  • How to rediscover your love for and commitment to caregiving

Receive, So You May Give is an invitation to renew your commitment to your own well-being.

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