Reboot Yourself!

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Book Description

Health in the Western world is on the decline. We’re seeing unprecedented rates of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, dementias, and other chronic degenerative conditions, and they’re occurring at younger and younger ages. We have more medicines, more sophisticated medical equipment, more medical specialties and specialists, more research and research monies, and yet we appear to be facing an epidemic of disease and degeneration that’s spiraling out of control, costing billions of dollars and untold misery and heartbreak for millions.

Why is this happening? What have we changed in our environment and way of living that’s creating the conditions for our decline?

What if your state of health is not all your fault, and you’re doing your best with faulty or incomplete information?

What if there’s a way to reboot your body’s systems back to its ‘factory settings’?

Reboot Yourself! takes a look through the lens of our evolutionary design and offers startling answers to those questions. Author Gerilynn Moline provides a down-to-earth ‘non-geeky’ explanation for how our modern-day environment and diet are creating the perfect storm for the health crisis we’re experiencing today. Reboot Yourself! is full of practical changes we can make to halt and even reverse the downward spiral of health. The result can be You 2.0 – healthier than you knew you could be.

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