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Earn 6-FIGURES Selling Homes

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most realtors make just $44,090? The truth is, making three times the median isn’t that hard when you have the right plan.

The Intuitive Selling Process, or ISP, is that plan. This is a guide for ordinary real estate agents who are ready to make extraordinary amounts of money, whether you got your realtors license eight weeks ago or eight years ago! Selling homes is more than what they teach in school; it’s an art that requires technique and skills. ISP will show you exactly how to make three times more than the average real estate agent while helping families find their dream homes.

In this guide, BB Bengochea uses her years of real estate experience to teach you the art of selling homes and making a difference with an unlimited earning potential. Inside Realtor 90-Day Kick-Start, you will learn:

  • How to expand your sales market and set a unique marketing plan using ISP
  • How to “Think Outside the Box” and become a brand
  • How to create true relationships by connecting buyers to sellers
  • Social Media skills and take your business to the next level

You can learn all of these skills over the course of ten, twenty, or even thirty years of trial and error, or you can take a short cut by buying Realtor 90 Day Kick Start. Read it, take action, and you will attract abundance in your real estate practice.

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