Radical Recovery


Book Description

Life as you know it is over. Cancer has taken charge, and you have less than a month to live. You have a massive tumor so large that surgery is not an option. Chemotherapy and radiation is your only hope to obliterate the tumor and save your life. Two painful, dark months later you are so grateful to be alive, but now your entire body is annihilated.

You are burned and blistered inside and out from the radiation.

You’re dehydrated and the pain is more than you can bare.

You are on heavy opiates and your life has become a nightmare.

You have no real guidance on how to rebuild your damaged body, either physically or emotionally.

You are deeply depressed and wonder if life is even worth living.

You are filled with fear that you will never heal and are desperate for a glimmer of hope.

Edna Ness feels your pain. Having worked in the healing arts for over 15 years, she was suddenly faced with her biggest challenge yet. Her husband was diagnosed with a monster tumor in the base of his tongue that literally began choking him overnight. With only a week to live, he would endure radical radiation and chemotherapy that thankfully saved his life but left him with extreme collateral damage. With gratitude in her heart and a warrior-like spirit, she tells their story and how she developed a strategy to help him recover quickly and more completely. In Radical Recovery, Edna reveals her approach to helping others restore their health with hyperbaric oxygen, light therapy, and other natural remedies.

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