Procedure Ready

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Book Description

Take control of your healthcare and transform from anxious to advocate.

It can be very frightening to be told you need a procedure or surgery. You may have heard horror stories about unexpected complications, or worse, death. You don’t want to become another statistic, but the medical system is complex and difficult to navigate. You know you need to get your procedure done, but you want to know what to expect and how to have the safest, most stress-free medical experience.

When Brenda Koranda became a Registered Nurse she had no idea that one day she would become her own most complicated patient due to medical errors. In Procedure Ready, Brenda shows you how to take control of your healthcare and eliminate your fear and anxiety about getting your procedure done. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques for navigating the healthcare system so you get the best care possible
  • The importance of being your own advocate
  • Secrets to vetting healthcare providers who will work for your best interests
  • The most common causes of medical errors – and strategies to prevent them
  • What you need to know before, during, and after a procedure or surgery

Face your fears and do what’s best for your body and your health. It’s time to gain the knowledge you need and become Procedure Ready.

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