Play the System


Book Description

Get support for your ideas and make a big difference at work

Imagine this: you’re trying to change things at work but find yourself bumping into walls of indifference and lack of appreciation. Does it sound familiar? What if you could mold the soulless corporate machine into an instrument of appreciation and support so your great ideas get implemented? What could your company be if you knew how to align all its powers behind your vision and contribution?

Dr. Nora Ganescu, best-selling author, coach, and consultant for twenty-five years, brings you her newest book, Play the System, to show you how to:

  • Make your workplace receptive, supportive, and excited for what you can offer
  • Get your management to stop standing still and support your initiative
  • Get the time and the resources you need to turn your ideas into reality
  • Understand the real reasons so many staff-driven initiatives fail (and many ideas never even get spoken about)
  • Be a successful intrapreneur
  • Change the culture of your company for good!

Within you is the power to transform any system: your company, your family, and even your community. If you are ready to stop the wasting your talent, then don’t wait another moment! Live up to your potential and infuse your workplace with your brilliance!

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