Piecing Your Heart Back Together

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Book Description

Ditch obsessive thoughts and move on from your breakup or divorce.

You still can’t believe it’s over. Your heart is shattered, and you feel so empty inside. There is so much pain and chaos in your life that you are desperate to find a solution. You need to move on from your ex and stop the hurt.

If this this is you, please know that you are not alone, and where you are is only temporary. Certified life coach Carmen Silvestro has developed a process that helped stop endless days of consuming thoughts about her broken marriage so she could find acceptance, peace, and love.

With her method, you will not only learn how to finally break free from the deep emotional attachment to your ex, but you will also discover how to turn this devastating pain and loss into a powerful transformational journey by:

  • Releasing pain and regret so you can stop the endless tears
  • Nipping any contemplation of contacting him or thinking about your ex all day long
  • Coming to terms with the end of your relationship
  • Avoiding the biggest mistakes you can make when grieving a breakup
  • Learning how to move on from the past and rewrite your story

You don’t need to get stuck in this place of suffering. Piecing Your Heart Back Together will help you reclaim your connection to happiness and hope so that you can live and thrive in a life that you never thought possible.

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