Picture Your Profit


Book Description

Visual storytelling must play a part in your company’s marketing!

Your company has a message that, if told well, can catapult your business forward in ways you had not thought possible. As you look to create and increase awareness about your company’s products and services, using photography in your strategic marketing plan may be the most important decision you make.

Using her years of photography and marketing experience, Pam Reid uses Picture Your Profit to teach any media, marketing, and communications manager:

  • The principles that make visual storytelling impactful
  • How to “capture” a message that leaves an unforgettable impression
  • How to tell your company’s story through still photography and illustrations
  • How to make what you do and what you offer stand out in your market
  • The most effective way to establish the foundation for a great visual story
  • The many surprising benefits that result from a visual story told well

Distinguish your company from others in your market and give your marketing, media, and communication teams the exposure they deserve by telling their story visually!

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