Perpetual Energy


Book Description

The Ambitious Woman’s Quick Guide to More Energy, Focus, and Balance

As an ambitious woman, you may want to create more energy so you can not only meet your deadlines, expand your business, make your promotion, see your kids graduate or get married, but also feel good and balanced when you reach those heights. Perpetual Energy is about giving you concrete and concise solutions that are based in science and nature. The goal is to help you feel good perpetually. Check out the Solutions at the end of the chapters. They really do work. Using cutting edge research and current natural practices, Dr. Ramaley has worked with thousands of patients helping them regain their health and create change in their lives.


  • Learn how to harness energy from nature so you can use it to succeed and feel good in your business, home and personal life.
  • Be able to implement small changes in your lifestyle that will bring big and lasting results.
  • Feel good, energetic and happy when you reach your goals or become the successful business woman or mom you strive to be.
  • Learn how to tap into nature’s reservoir of energy while living with modern day technology.
  • Feel empowered and confident in making decisions about your health.

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