Pain Free Every Day

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Book Description

Pain Free Everyday helps readers stop spending money on therapy that is not working and start making the worthwhile investment in learning how simple habits can treat their pain and reclaim their body’s exuberance.

In Pain Free Everyday, medical researcher and personal trainer, Eileen Paulo-Chrisco shows readers how to restore their body’s innate ability to heal from chronic pain and discomfort before they progress to dysfunction. Once a chronic pain sufferer herself, Eileen provides relatable examples and inspiring stories that shine a ray of hope in the dark world of chronic pain. Pain Free Everyday helps those who are suffering from stiffness and chronic pain and are tired of popping pills. It helps alleviate the worries of surgical intervention or paranoia of a life that will never be the same again by providing tips and tools that help readers see new ways of handling chronic pain.

With Pain Free Everyday, learn how to live a pain-free and drug-free life by reconnecting with the largest organ system of the body, the fascia. It is time to get rid of chronic pain and stiffness once and for all!

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