Own It


Book Description

Everyone recognises a woman who “owns it.” She stands out for her ability to command attention and influence others. She’s captivating and magnetic.

But how does she do it?

Building on Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Own It teaches you how to claim your place at the table and ensure your voice is heard.

Using her POWER and OWN IT models, Tricia Karp shows you how to master the art of creating powerful presentations for public speaking, ask for what you want, and redefine what women’s leadership means for you, on your own terms.

This book is an inspiring call to action to shift past what’s held you back, so you can deliver the type of public speaking that makes you memorable for all the right reasons. You’ll learn how to navigate negotiating conversations too so you can ask for what you want with confidence and strength.

As Sheryl Sandberg encouraged women to Lean In and pursue their goals with gusto, Own It gives you a clear road map and shows you how.

Own It is a must-have book for those committed to developing their own, and other women’s power and leadership.

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