Overcoming Love Addiction

Lacy Bentley

Book Description

You can learn to love your life and husband again.

Women who live with relationship addiction and sex-based patterns are a unique breed. We’ve learned to cope in a sex-driven world, to find worth in our sexuality. Many of us have been through trauma, or dealt with childhood abuse and neglect. Our need for lasting, meaningful relationships is constantly sabotaged by our own behaviors. We feel broken, alone, unforgivable, and lost.

All of this can change. After walking the path and guiding dozens of other women, now I want to share what we have learned. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, hope, and healing, so you can finally have the relationships you want and deserve—without excuses, compulsions, or addiction.

Learn to:

secure your romantic heart from wandering and distraction
love like you were meant to: with your whole Soul
break free of compulsive and damaging relationship patterns
define your future without the shame or pain of the past
stop letting yesterday’s mistakes sabotage today
find contentment and joy in the normal progression of real romantic love over a lifetime

In Overcoming Love Addiction, the best in recovery options meets one woman’s personal recovery journal. Written with compassion, honesty, and a no-nonsense attitude, this is the relationship recovery roadmap of the future.

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