Overcome Thyroid Symptoms & Love Your Life

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Does anyone have the answer to why so many people today have thyroid problems—and why so many different health concerns present in tandem? What really is behind this?

Medical Intuitive and Empathic Healer, Vannette Keast, believes she has identified key factors in the mystery behind these questions. With more than two decades of practice, Vannette’s observations have led her to know that this pattern of health decline—with the thyroid function at the center of it all—is indicative of a greater call for us to renew and recalibrate.
Clients—worldwide—are reaping the benefits of her findings.

It comes down to this: rapid societal change—survival response to change—inevitable breakdown of a system.

Explained in detail in Overcome Thyroid Symptoms & Love Your Life, Vannette posits that the internalization of extreme and rapid change—technology, politics, environmental—adversely affects the body, and negatively impacts the thyroid function because: The thyroid gland energetically partners with the heart and is a base harmonizer of emotion.

In recognizing that FEAR is the body’s primal response to change, the symptoms of imbalance quickly begin to stack up for the human. Though we are no longer being chased by wild animals, the biological effects of fear, to grief, to loss, to breakdown, is evident nonetheless.

“In a world that traditionally treats people with illness by alleviating and placating symptoms, it’s time to get to the real roots of cause”

Discover how fast-paced inevitable change can be met with extreme self-care, learn about the body’s response system, and—through case stories complete with treatment suggestions—allow Vannette to guide you so you can heal, protect, and care for your thyroid.

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