Only 10s

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Book Description

How much time and money have you spent on the latest productivity tool?

How many weekends have you spent finally getting organized only to be back to your old ways in a week or less?

Do you have neatly labeled files and lists because you are “Getting Things Done” only to find you are just getting lists made?

It’s time to turn Potential into Reality!

Fighting the distractions of every day life, technology and A.D.D. to keep the funnel filled and the wins flowing for his multimillion dollar, award winning sales career, Mark tried every time management/productivity tool available, only to fall back on his instincts and last minute touch downs. Although wildly successful, the grind of keeping up took its toll on his health, time and family. He knew there was a better way.

Mark found clues in his successes: the end-of-quarter buzzer beater, training for a marathon, and in the single-minded sense of purpose he observed when engaged in some tasks but not others.

Inspired by the flow of Alan Cohen’s “Relax Into Wealth” and Steve Chandler’s pragmatic and motivating “Time Warrior”, Mark Silverman takes us on an expedition beyond the realm of Time Management.

“Only 10s” is not a tool or a system. It’s a daily experiment you conduct in the laboratory of your daily life. Through simple trial and error you will:

•Feel more energy, productivity and freedom.
•Get your entire “To Do” List done, every day.
•Learn why you get some things done and not others.
•Launch your awesome ideas from your head into the world.
•Learn how choice is your greatest gift, and motivator.
•Put guilt, fear, shame, in their proper perspective.
•Look forward to Monday.
•Do it all at your own pace and still have astounding results.

If you’re tired of rolling the ball up hill, constantly trying to catch up, or just want a little breathing room this might be the method that makes a difference.

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