Oh My Gosh, My Child Wants To Be An Actor


Book Description

My child wants to be an actor. Now what?

As soon as you know that your child dreams of being in a play or on TV, you start worrying about what might happen if they pursue an artistic career. You can’t help but think of the ruthless rejection, the improbable odds of “making it,” and, even worse, those stories about drugs, abuse, and painful experiences you don’t want your kids to suffer.

You have a lot of questions: How will I know which is the right acting, dancing, or music school for my child? Is it going to be very expensive or time-consuming? Are they talented enough to make a career in arts? Are they going to be able to get enough money to make a living?

Actor and director Lilia Sixtos has seen thousands of auditions and taught hundreds of artists. By raising her two creative children, she has learned every possible way a creative person’s journey can be helped or hindered by their parents. Now, in Oh my God, My Child Wants to Be an Actor, she shows you how to:

  • Identify the best training you can provide for your child within your means
  • Develop a safe and loving space for the challenges of your child’s journey
  • Create the support team your child’s needs
  • Find your child’s niche
  • Fit the needs of your child’s career with the needs of your whole family

Help your child explore this acting thing! Invest in your child’s future today.

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