Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats

Colleen Troy

Book Description

Dying wisely is a new focus for middle-agers who want to know their lives have had meaning and they’ve made an impact in the world. In Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats Colleen Troy shares compelling stories about what she has learned since she encountered this premise in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: if one is afraid to die, so is she afraid to live. Troy encourages other Scaredy-Cats to take responsibility now in their relationships, to come out from hiding, to break self-imposed and constricting rules, and to explore the landscapes of pleasure and joy.

In the same vein as Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Dr. Wayne Dyers’ Living an Inspired Life, Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats invites you to pull back the covers of your comfort zone to reveal what’s in your heart, so that on your deathbed, you don’t take your final breath being afraid of what you missed.

With gentle encouragement to embrace all of your own glorious self now, Troy ushers you into the Scaredy-Cats clubhouse and offers a blueprint for living fully and addressing what really matters, before it’s too late. The book’s seven lessons include personal stories from Troy about her own process of learning to live a fuller life as a Scaredy-Cat and covers topics such as:

• Why many people who want to experience more joy and play in their lives fail at doing so.
• Critical steps to take for being responsible now in your relationships with others, with yourself, and with God – rather than waiting until death is near at hand.
• How to nurture your dreams from your youth.
• How breaking your own rules results in liberating your soul.
• The difference between telling yourself you’re on a search for enlightenment about death and dying, and playing the game of “hide and seek” with your life.

The only game that matters is what you’re doing now to fulfill your life. Because at some point, “later” will mean “never.”

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