No More Drama

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Book Description

Parenting is hard. Really? This may be what they tell us and it may feel that way at times, but is this something you just want to accept? Have you caught yourself thinking that the challenges of parenting a defiant kid far outweigh the joys? Do you ever wish your relationship with your child could miraculously become more enjoyable? If so, then you and this author have a lot in common.

Lisa Cavallaro has helped hundreds of parents, teachers and administrators create the kinds of relationships they want to have with kids. Influenced by her own real-life parenting blunders, Lisa created a plan that helps clients feel a greater sense of ease – even with the most difficult of kids. And now she shares her process in this easy-to-read format including simple exercises so that you can begin feeling greater ease too.

In No More Drama, Lisa offers personal experiences from her “struggle years” demonstrating the effects of “hard” parenting. She then quickly moves into the anecdotes that worked for her and the processes she developed for her clients.

After reading this book, you’ll feel a greater ease in parenting and you’ll also feel:
•Confident in knowing you can handle any situation with your child
•Self-assured regarding your style of parenting
•Happier with life in general
•A renewed interest in what really jazzes you

“This book is counter intuitive–if you have a defiant child, how do you make them change that? Well, according to what I’m reading, you don’t. The problem of defiance isn’t resolved by focusing on or trying to micro manage the defiance or other negative behavior. The answer is in correcting your own behaviors. I’m loving it as I see this more of a leadership book–effective leaders don’t spend their time focusing on the wrong things in an organization but in setting a vision for success, enabling that and trusting on the organization to rise up to that bold expectation. The premise is that children are good and intelligent and will follow the example set for them–the child learning from their actions is not a function of a parent drilling that into them.

If you have a defiant child and “controlling” their behavior isn’t working for you, I strongly recommend Cavallaro’s approach. I also recommend the book for managers who want to stop mico-managing. This book has a lot to offer in both realms.”

Sasha Mobley, Founder of More than Enough Life Transformations

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