Never Too Late For Love


Book Description

Discover how to find the man of your dreams.

You’ve succeeded on your own terms, and now you want to have a loving partner in your life. But you still have worries. Will men still find you attractive? How can you succeed in the complex world of online dating? Are there still any good men out there?

At age sixty-two, Joan Bragar, leadership consultant and coach, married the good man of her dreams. The lessons she learned from this journey have inspired other women to find happiness in love. In Never Too Late for Love, she provides proven practices to:

  • Clarify your intentions for the kind of relationship you want
  • Effectively use online dating sites to meet suitable men
  • Overcome the inevitable disappointments of dating…to meet the man of your dreams!

As New York Times bestselling author Katherine Woodward states, “Dr. Joan Bragar is a world-class myth-buster. In this delightfully compelling read, you’re going to find out why finding happy, healthy love is not only possible, but probable when you follow her simple and easy-to-follow protocol.”

If you’re ready to find and keep the love of your life, then Never Too Late for Love will be your guide.

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