My Family Needs My Spiritual Leadership Now


Book Description

Are you looking to take a stronger leadership role in your family, but don’t know how?

You’ve been holding it all together at home and at work with a successful career and loving family. Now your child is entering school and you have to decide who will be the one to teach him or her about values and spirituality. Do your beliefs align with what is taught in school? How successfully you shepherd your child through this phase depends on your belief system and how you live it. Do you know what you believe?

Through her years of experience and extensive spiritual training, Kristin Panek founded the Flowering Heart Center, a not-for-profit that supports transformation into higher states of consciousness.

In My Family Needs My Spiritual Leadership Now: The Guide to Being Your Family’s Spiritual Support, you will learn how to:

  • Reconnect with your inner guidance system for clarity
  • Move through your fears and build trust with yourself, your partner, and your kids
  • Heal your relationship issues and return to a place of peace
  • Create a space of love and acceptance that allows your family to thrive, even while you continue to pursue your career
  • Receive support from unexpected places along the way

You already know your family needs your spiritual guidance. Now learn the tools and strategies needed to effectively lead your family to more inspiring lives.

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