Move Freely


Book Description

Whether someone was injured at work, struck in a motor vehicle accident, or threw their back out while at home, once pain strikes, people need to get back to feeling their best—and back to work—as quickly as possible.

Pain after an injury can be limiting and make a person feel helpless, uncertain, and fearful about the future. It is difficult to achieve one’s dreams when pain is preventing doing anything but moving from the bed to the couch. The quickest way to get over the pain to achieve those dreams is to get back to feeling great and back to work. In Move Freely, Helen M. Blake, MD helps readers rise above the pain of an injury by sharing her process for physical renewal. Dr. Blake’s process is the guide to anti-inflammatory nutrition, mindfulness and yoga practices, aerobic conditioning, and vitamin supplements. Move Freely teaches readers how to rise above the pain that continues for months or years, nourish one’s well-being, work toward professional goals and aspirations, and so much more. It enlists the most comprehensive set of tools and practices to get readers back to work and ready to pursue their passions—beyond the limits of chronic pain.

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