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Titanium Jawbone. Breast cancer. Soul surgery. Spiritual awakening. MouthPeace; My Spiritual Journey Through the Mouth Trap is the story of one woman’s search for physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness through many trials, errors and endurance. Struggling simultaneously with an aggressive tumor on her jawbone, and breast cancer, Tracy gained insight into the reasons we don’t get healed, and the creative power of your mouth; both physically and spiritually. She began her walk into Messianic Judaism in 2010, and her new Hebrew perspective will challenge your traditional Christian way of thinking. Through her journey of jaw replacement surgery, and holistic breast cancer treatment, Tracy has become a “reluctant” mouth expert, and will share insights and questions about your current dis-eases, spiritual walk, and how you treat your “living temple”. This book will help you:

•Determine why you’re not getting healed. Are your decisions made in peace or fear? Who is your authority?

•Harness the power of silence and resting during a crisis. Take the MouthPeace Challenges!

•Explore the spiritual roots of dis-ease and tools for emotional healing.

• Establish what food is according to God’s Word, with holistic resources to restore your body to health.

•Gain deeper revelation of The Word through a Hebrew lens – it changes everything!

If you have grappled with not receiving God’s divine healing, this inspirational book will answer your questions, and motivate you to get serious about your walk with God. If you’re not experiencing freedom from dis-ease, or just stuck, fearful or frustrated, Tracy has experienced it all and this book was written for you.

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