Motivating Adolescents


Book Description

Learn how to motivate your adolescent and set them up for success!

Are you tired of trying to understand your child and what they want? Are you frustrated by their lack of interest in education and their future? Do you find yourself getting upset with a broken education system that seems like it’s doing nothing to help them? Learn about a new movement that is helping adolescents ignite their passion for life and achieve their full potential.

Motivating Adolescents introduces the EMERGING process, which draws on the wisdom of philosophers and social reformers such as Rudolf Steiner, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Campbell, Goethe, and Plato to help you set your adolescent up for a successful future with confidence, mindfulness, and passion. Twenty-year veteran Waldorf teacher and international speaker Robin Theiss will help you and your child:

  • Understand the purpose of education and its role in a successful future
  • Learn the importance of mindfulness and cultivating a rich inner life
  • Embrace the value of risk-taking and grit
  • Value authentic relationships, and cultivate appreciation and gratitude
  • Experience nature as the ultimate teacher of lifelong learning and inquiry

Motivating Adolescents will give you and your child the wisdom and skills they need to be engaged citizens of the world. Don’t delay your child’s future another day!

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